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What is the best ice fishing rod for walleye? That is a popular question we get from readers. We have incorporated the best products for you guys, so you will have the best fishing experience, no matter where you are fishing. I hope you will find the best one for your fishing adventure. In this post, we are going to separate the best walleye ice rods from the rest.


Native to most of Canada and to the Nothern United States. They are readily caught through the ice in winter. It is a freshwater fish in the perch family that is popular and commonly-stocked game fish. They are long and thin, primarily gold and olive in color, with a white belly.

Walleye are typically found in large rivers with clear water or deep, weedless lakes with clean bottoms of gravel, rock, sand, or hard clay. Now let’s have a glance at the best ice fishing rod for walleye we have picked for you guys. If you love fishing in inshore water then these are the best listed inshore saltwater rods.

How to catch walleye ice fish

Those who want to be successful when it comes to ice fishing for walleye will definitely need to make a point of learning as much as they possibly can. The more you know about this type of fish, the more fish you are likely to catch.

Walleye are naturally aggressive fish, which is one reason why so many people find them so hard to catch. Fishing for walleye can be a lot of fun because of the immense challenge when it comes to reeling them in, but there are some tips that can help. If you want to start catching more of the walleye fish, you will need to focus on the locations you fish and the presentation of the bait. If you are not in the right area, it does not matter how appealing your bait is to the fish. Make sure that you present the right bait so that you increase the changing of catching the fish.

Location is everything

It is important to keep in mind that walleye can typically be found within a couple of feet bottom of the body of water you are fishing in. These fish prefer breaks, points, humps, and rock piles. When you are out on the water you will want to go towards steep breaks around points and bars as they can often be found in deep water.

Walleye are usually in the same place during early ice that they were before the water froze over. So, you will need to remember that Look for shallow water near points and shoreline bars, because these areas will give you your best chance of catching these fish. A great tip is t make a running tally of all the walleye caught during the summer and at what depths. Check your GPS if you have one and make note of all the spots that are buzzing with walleye. As the winter starts to move on, Walleye tend to move toward mid-lake humps. The water is a little bit warmer in deeper watery, which is why these fish move towards those areas as the weather starts to get cold and they start moving back into the shallower water into pre-spawning areas when the spring approaches.

Choosing the right presentation:

The second half of catching these fish is a presentation, which means how you chose to present your bait to them. Most effective presentation for these fish to be jigging. Jigging is essentially when you raise the tip of your rod about a foot and drop it back down to where you started it. These fish are going to be at the bottom, so you will need to make sure that jigging is within a couple of feet of the bottom. Jigging will attract fish unless they are extremely active. A walleye will not take the bait you have for them until they stop. Try raising and dropping the tip of your rod, wait about 3-10 seconds, and repeat the raising and dropping motion.

When you are fishing for walleye, don’t be afraid to touch the bottom with your bait. This will stir up the bottom and attract fish, but you won’t want to do it too often. You will give yourself the best chance of catching fish by keeping your lure slightly above them as opposed to on the bottom of the lake.

The pounding jig also involves your rod tip up and down very quickly above an inch or two.

It is also very important that you take the time to look into some of the different lures that you have to choose from. Lures that are better than others for walleye are swimming lures and flash lures. You have better chances of catching these fish the next time you go out on the water if you take more time to choose the right lures.

 In the end, you will be glad you decided to follow these tips as they will help you catch the fish easily and quickly.

What is the best ice fishing rod for walleye?

Here is a preview of the ice rods we are going to consider in this post, please continue reading for an in-depth look at each individual rod:

best-ice-fishing-rod-for-walleyBest Ice Fishing Rod For Walleye5
Best Ice Fishing Rod For WalleyeSt. Croix Avid jigging ice rodCheck Price
How To Catch WalleyeFenwick Aetos 25 inch medium ice rodCheck Price
How to catch walleyClam Ice Team Prof Keith Kavajecz Walley RodCheck Price
Best Ice Fishing Rod For Walleye 13 fishing tickle stick ice fishing rodCheck Price
Best Ice Fishing Rod For Walleye Abu Garcia Veracity 27-inch ice rodCheck Price

St. Croix Avid jigging ice rod


 These rods are designed specifically for jigging spoons, ice jigs, jigging Rapalas and other popular walleye jigs. Made with precision-taper solid carbon blanks and super-sensitive carbon handles, the Avid Ice Jigging rods deliver more absolute control and sensitivity.

They’re made in the USA with foreign and domestic materials- and feature Kigan stripper guides and lightweight, low-profile running guide.


  • Tension supported: Medium, Light, and Medium-heavy
  • Designed specifically for jigging
  • Precision-taper solid carbon blank
  • Super-sensitive carbon handle
  • Kigan stripper guide with lightweight, low-profile running guides
  • Made in the U.S.A. (with foreign and domestic materials)
Best Ice Fishing Rod For WalleyeSt. Croix Avid jigging ice rodCheck Price

Fenwick Aetos 25 inch medium ice rod


 Built for the demanding angler, the Aetos Ice Rods are the lightest and most advanced that has ever been produced. Ultrasensitive 100% carbon fiber blanks maximize strength and performance while minimizing weight.”wow” factor according to the best fishing forum reviews.


  • Rod power: Medium
  • Length: 25″
  • Medium- X-Fast Spinning
How To Catch WalleyeFenwick Aetos 25 inch medium ice rodCheck Price

Clam Ice Team Prof Keith Kavajecz Walley Rod


 As you move up and down this fishing rod, you will notice Pacbay single leg fly guide along with a twister stripper guide that gives anglers a balanced rod from the handle to tip. Get one of the hottest ice fishing sticks on the ice this season.


  • Rod length: 26”
  • Power: Medium
How to catch walleyClam Ice Team Prof Keith Kavajecz Walley RodCheck Price

13 fishing tickle stick ice fishing rod


The Tickle Stick’s parallel composite construction (Pc2) linear fibers allowed 13 designers to create a completely flat tip which does two things: it drastically increases the anglers ability to detect ascending and descending strikes to levels never before possible with current ice fishing technology. The flat tip also adds extreme rigidity to the blank by preventing the rod from rolling over resulting in perfect hook-sets every time.

  • Pc2 flat tip blank technology
  • Alps thin wire guides
  • Evolve MYOL reel seat
Best Ice Fishing Rod For Walleye 13 fishing tickle stick ice fishing rodCheck Price

Abu Garcia Veracity 27-inch ice rod


Exceptional sensitivity in a lightweight and balanced package. The Veracity™ Ice rod features a unique carbon fiber Tennesse style handle allowing anglers to place their choice reel in the exact location for their fishing technique.

Features include 24 Ton Graphite Fast Action Blanks, Carbon Fiber Tennesse Style Handle with 6 Securing O’Rings, Stainless Steel Guide Frames and Inserts.


  • Rod power: Medium
  • Length: 27″
  • Rod Type: Spinning
Best Ice Fishing Rod For Walleye Abu Garcia Veracity 27-inch ice rodCheck Price

Final Thoughts…

So, what is the best ice fishing rod for walleye? Well, as we have discussed a good rod is one that is powerful, so that you can fish comfortably. You also want to choose a fishing pole that has a sensitive tip, but enough backbone to help you land a walleye.

It all depends on your requirement and setting. We have selected the best ones for you, so you can shorten your search, and help you get the best fishing gears. Moreover, we have researched the variety of online portals and ice fishing forum for reference.

In conclusion, I can assure that we will continue to find the best ice fishing gears for you…..

“Please do comment if you like this post and we would love to hear your personal experiences and ice fishing stories…..”


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